The 8 Hospitality Standards you need to know

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Airbnb has created a number of Hospitality Standards to assist you in making the hosting process as seamless as possible:

Commitment – When you accept a reservation request from someone, you’re committing to taking care of their needs. They’re trusting you to follow through on this promise. Never accept a booking unless you are able to commit.

Accuracy – Guests want to know about you and what your space has to offer. Have an accurate listing and detailed profile so guests feel comfortable making a reservation request. Set the right expectations from the beginning and the hosting process will be made much easier.

Availability – Your listing calendar needs to always be kept up-to-date. Your availability should constantly be reflected in your calendar, so that you don’t receive reservation requests for dates you cannot accommodate. An accurate calendar is of utmost importance.

Cleanliness – A clean and tidy space is at the heart of hosting. Cleanliness is one of the most important standards for travellers. Guests will rate the cleanliness of your space in your review. Always maintain high cleaning standards.

Amenities – Guests are drawn to amenities. They are one of the ways you can separate your listing from others. All hosts should have essential amenities like toilet paper, sheets, towels, and shampoo, however, other amenities such as Wi-Fi, an ironing board and hair dryer are also helpful for your guests.

Welcome – Think about the guest experience from start to finish. Your guests will be in a new place when they arrive. Make arrival easy for guests. A clear and simple check-in process will make your guests feel welcome and put them at ease.

Support – Guests like to know that hosts are available and responsive throughout their stay. Make sure your guests know how to get hold of you and can rely on you should any situation arise.

Reviews – Leaving reviews for your guests, and them leaving reviews for you, is at the core of the Airbnb community. Reviews are a great way to show gratitude to your guests and provide helpful feedback. Invite guests for a return visit!

Follow these Airbnb hospitality standards and you’ll rise to the top as a host. Good luck!


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